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It’s more important than ever that tape, label and films are able to meet demands in today’s rapidly evolving world, including:

  • Improved end-use performance
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Increased output volumes
  • Enhanced aesthetics

At Bostik, our extensive expertise in the market allows us to formulate various pressure sensitive adhesive technologies that enable converters, printers and end-users to easily meet those demands and manufacture better tapes, labels and films.

Tape Adhesives

As key megatrends shape the tape market,  the correct adhesives can help manufacture tape that addresses current and upcoming trends using:
  • Lower cost construction
  • Sustainable materials
  • Local manufacturing
A portfolio designed for your needs

With Bostik’s hot melt, water-and solvent-based, pressure-sensitive adhesives for retail, industrial, foam, and packaging tape applications, our solutions make it easy for you to:

  • Improve processability from  easy-to-use formulations and good die-cuttability
  • Increase shelf-life integrity due to being able to maintain bond strength
  • Enhance end-use performance with high tack, peel and shear, and high print surface quality
  • Reduce overall costs by enabling you to use thinner construction without impacting performance
  • Meet stringent application demands with application-specific formulations
  • Improve sustainability through eco-friendly raw materials

Label Adhesives


As the label market is skyrocketing on a global scale, so consideration the role adhesives play in helping you meet key needs are more important than ever. These include:
  • Increased e-commerce demands
  • Improved sustainability efforts
  • Reduced cost-in-use
Our pressure-sensitive label adhesives are uniquely formulated to ensure end-use label products meet converter, printer, and end-user requirements for general purpose, direct food contact, low temperature, durable applications, and more. These solutions will:


  • Improve print surface quality for easier label readability with no-edge ooze
  • Increase bond strength on low surface energy and highly-recycled content
  • Enhance end-use label aesthetics for cleaner look-and-feel to consumers
  • Reduce energy usage for lower environmental footprint and less waste

Film Adhesives


Whether for decorative or protective applications, all films must offer graphical appeal and protection from various elements. Fortunately, the right film adhesives can make this easy, possessing through:


  • Enhanced aesthetic integrity through good clarity and peel characteristics
  • Increased environmental performance with UV and moisture resistance
  • Improved functionality for superior print surface quality for
Our film adhesives are designed to address specific converter, printer, and end-user needs while reducing overall costs and improving operational efficiencies. These solutions will:
  • Increase bonding capabilities with adhesion to substrates such as metal, plastic, and carpet
  • Improve performance with excellent weatherability and water resistance
  • Enhance useability with reseal capabilities

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