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High performance. High strength.

When a job really matters, only the very best adhesive will do. That’s why Bostik have developed a high performance, low odour, general purpose adhesive using the latest developments in Modified-Silyl Polymer (MSP) technology to develop MS polymer adhesives.

Our mission is to engineer a product that is extra strong and instantly bonds to almost any substrate in all weather conditions compared to regular construction adhesives but versatile enough to be used in any number of interior and exterior applications without being harmful to the environment.

And the result? We created an adhesive that is extra strong and easy to apply all thanks to the benefits of Bostik’s MSP technology. 

MS polymer adhesives: Smart innovations

The secret lies in the unique hybrid formulation where the strength of a polyurethane is combined with weathering resistance of silicones to create a new product technology. 

This means Bostik’s range of MSP technology-based  products offer:

  • Greater flexibility over broader temperatures while offering greater heat resistance
  • Solvent-free and isocyanate-free formulations that make them ideal for use around the home or for green build construction
  • Can be painted over with water-based or acrylic paints
  • Adhesion to a greater number of building materials and substrates
  • Fast curing properties that will not slump or bubble
  • Easier to tool out even in colder temperatures

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