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Long lasting strength and weather resistance is the cornerstone of any well -made building and to make a building last means using high quality materials and products. 

Bostik solvent based construction adhesives such as Bostik Wallboard Gold are ideal for bonding a wide variety of building materials with ease that allows you to get the job done with the confidence that the final product will be long lasting. If you are looking for a high strength bond without the nasty odours, try selecting a Bostik product for the Water Based Construction Adhesives range.

Solvent based construction adhesives: Smart innovations

Bostik solvent based construction adhesives deliver long lasting, high strength bonds with increased reliability compared to other methods of bonding. Our products also prevent corrosion of metal bonds rather than rivets or screws being used. Furthermore, our Bostik solvent based adhesives also offer gap filling properties that remove unevenness between two substrates.

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