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Providing construction joints with right backing material

Made from a low density polyethylene (P.E.) foam, Bostik backing rods are perfect for use as a backing material in construction joints before a sealant is applied. P.E.F backing rods are usually considered as the ideal material to be used over other conventional materials such as sand, wood, fiberboard, jute, rope or even twisted paper as expansion. 

Bostik backing rods have broad applications and can be used for expansion joint between brick, masonry or precast panels as well as joints around timber or aluminium windows.

Furthermore, Bostik backer rod is closed cell and can be used for draught and dust proofing that does not require any other forms of sealing. You can also explore the range of Bostik Construction Sealants to find the product that suits your needs.

P.E.F backing rods: Smart innovations

Bostik backer rods form an ideal base for a sealant to be applied and also cause the sealant to have a direct contact to the building material it is being applied to. Furthermore Bostik backer rods are non-toxic, light weight and easy to install.

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