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A better seal for longer

Getting the best possible sealant matters! When it matters, you should rely on the best sealant there is from Bostik.

Using the benefits from Modified-Silyl Polymer (MSP) technology, you can be certain that you a using a product that has been developed to produce a seal that waterproofs and weatherproofs a wide variety of building materials well into the future. Furthermore, this formulation is free of solvents and other hazardous chemicals to produce an environmentally friendly finish.

MS polymer sealants: Smart innovations

The secret lies in the unique hybrid formulation where the strength of a polyurethane is combined with weathering resistance of silicones to create a new product technology. 

This means Bostik’s range of MSP technology-based products offer:

  • Greater flexibility over broader temperatures while offering greater heat resistance
  • Solvent-free and isocyanate-free formulations that make them ideal for use around the home or for green build construction
  • Can be painted over with water-based or acrylic paints
  • Adhesion to a greater number of building materials and substrates
  • Fast curing properties that will not slump or bubble
  • Easier to tool out even in colder temperatures

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