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No nasty odours

Bostik takes its environmental responsibility and the wellbeing of our customers seriously. Which is why Bostik have invested effort creating environmentally friendly, water based construction adhesives with low odour and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). That means you get all of the benefits of a regular adhesive without having to be subjected to nasty odours or compounds that can negatively impact the environment and your personal well-being. Bostik also offer MS Polymer Adhesives, MS Polymer Adhesive/Sealants and MS Polymer Sealants that are high performance as well as high strength that utilise environmentally friendly Modified-Silyl Polymer (MSP) technology.

Water based construction adhesives: Smart innovations

Bostik water based adhesives are fast acting and create high strength bonds will little or no need for nails and screws. Our range of water based adhesives are as versatile as any conventional construction adhesive with the added benefit improved moisture resistance and easy clean up properties.

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