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HCP 160 EXP is a solvent-based two-component polyurethane cross-linking adhesive system used for the flexible lamination market such as stick-pack applications.
Product overview
It is an adhesive system  for all film/film and film/aluminium laminates. In  general,  the  surfaces  can  be printed,  unprinted  or metalized.  This  adhesive  system  is  also  suitable  for  the production  of  laminates  of  paper  and  cardboard  against plastic films and aluminium. 
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Smart Advantages

BPA / Epoxy / Glymo / Badge free: Improved food safety 
High Thermal & Chemical Resistance, suitability for sterilization PET/Al: Increased durability  
High bond on Alu foil: Extended end-use application scope