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VITEL 1200B.F is a thermoplastic, high molecular weight, aromatic, linear saturated polyester resin. It is a hard resinous amorphous polymer exhibiting high tensile and low elongation.
Product overview
VITEL 1200B.F finds specialized use either alone or modified in applications where high cohesive strength is of prime importance. Its limited solubility makes it well suited for use as a primer for overprinting with many inks. High abrasion resistance and outdoor colour stability are important properties exhibited by films and coatings based on this resin. VITEL 1200B.F can also be utilized for dispersing pigment for PET colour concentrates and as a slow setting melt adhesive. The major applications of VITEL 1200B.F are clear coatings. VITEL 1200B.F can also be extruded.  
Geographic availability
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Smart Advantages

High cohesive strength
Excellent abrasion and UV colour stability
Can be applied either in solvent or by extrusion