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HSL 1202

Product overview
HSL1202 is a solvent based adhesive formulated for use in lidding applications. This low temperature heat seal coating gives smooth, peel-able bonds and is well suited for use with a variety of tray stocks, particularly PET. HSL1202 is formulated to have good clarity, offers inherent UV resistance, and can be applied at room temperature.
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Key Benefits

- Low activation temperature

- Good clarity 

- Adhesion to a variety of tray stocks

Applications On all dry laminating machines, with rollers. HSL1202 has to be stirred well before use.
Applications Weight A minimum coat weight of 2.4 g/m² (dry). Optimum performance is obtained with an application weight of approx. 3.0 - 5.5 g/m² (depending on required bond performance).
Density 0.94 g/cm³ @ 23°C
Dilution Dilution may be done with ethyl acetate or acetone. The adhesive system should be processed at a solids content of approximately 20 - 25% when applied via gravure.
Drying Drying conditions must be adjusted to substrate, application weight and line speed in order to avoid the retention of solvents.
DSC Glass Transition 5.0 [°C]
Sealing Conditions A minimum temperature of 115°C should be used to activate this product. Depending on the process, the recommended application temperature range for HSL1202 is 140 - 190°C.
Viscosity Approx. 200 [mPa.s] @ 23°C
Precautions During processing, solvent vapours must be exhausted by an adequate ventilation. The corresponding EEC Material Safety Data Sheet is part of this technical information.