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Smart adhesives for LNG tankers 

Fortunately, the suitable LNG tanker adhesives, based on structural 2K polyurethane technology, make it easy, offering:

  • Enhanced process efficiency through automated application methods  
  • Improved performance and safety under extreme conditions with elastic bonding as well as high flexibility and tightness under cryogenic conditions (-163°C)
  • Increased durability with excellent cryogenic resistance 

Featured product: XPU 18045 An/B

Featured product: XPU 18411 A3n/B

Frequently Asked Questions about LNG Adhesives


What is LNG?

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gaz) is a fossil fuel, essentially made of methane, but it can also include up to 10% ethane and a small number of other gases. Once extracted, the natural gas is cooled to about -160 degrees to transform it into a transparent, odourless and non-toxic liquid. This process reduces its volume by 600 times, making it easier and safer to store and transport. This energy resource is used in industry, transport, district heating and electricity production.


What requirements do the adhesives have to meet for this application?

The adhesives used to bond the various composite membranes for LNG tanks must be able to withstand cryogenic conditions and water-tightness. Adhesives with a low impact on health and the environment are also increasingly in demand, such as PU2K with low isocyanate emission. Bostik's adhesives meet your requirements to pass the LNG application-specific approval tests.


What are the benefits of LNG? 

Natural gas is considered a cleaner source of energy than coal. When liquefied, it can easily be stored, which gives it a considerable advantage over electricity. Another significant advantage is that LNG can be delivered by sea. The main benefit of this transportation is its flexibility since it allows us to serve many destinations, including those not supplied by gas pipelines, and adapt in real-time to variations in world prices. It, therefore, makes it possible to meet short-term demand and offset seasonal fluctuations, thereby securing the supply of gas power plants.

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