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Smart adhesives and sealants for medical devices

With Bostik's proven expertise, our adhesives and sealants, including instant adhesive technology, are designed for a range of medical assembly applications, electronic medical devices and medical equipments. Our innovative solutions provide:

  • Improved process efficiency with fast curing adhesives that can be used in automated dispensing equipment for by-the-do application
  • Extended design flexibility due to high compatibility, ability to adhere to difficult substrates and easy application
  • Increased safety and durability through solvent-free, low odour and low labelled materials
  • Enhanced durability due to resistance to chemical exposure and temperature variations

Arkema's core principles that guide its behavior with respect to the use of its products in medical device application are provided in its Medical Device Policy.

Additionally, as an Arkema company, we offer innovative solutions when using High Performance Polymers in combination with our Born2Bond™ adhesives.


Featured product: Born2Bond™ Ultra

Featured product: Born2Bond™ light Lock

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