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Smart Adhesives for Tyre Foam

Our innovative tyre foam adhesive technology helps you: 

  • Reduce road noise and vibration with less tyre cavity noise 
  • Decrease waste and overall environmental impact due to its solvent and isocyanate-free formulation 
  • Improve operational efficiencies with primerless adhesion and high green strength capabilities 

Featured product: ISR 70-03

Frequently Asked Questions about Tyre Foam Adhesives


How can adhesives help reduce tyre noise?

The adhesives are used to fix a foam into the tyre, which reduce vibration and noise. In fact, from a certain speed (from around 100 km/h), the air inside the tyre generates vibrations and noise due to aerodynamic forces. In electric vehicles, as engine noise is lower than thermal engines, tyre noise can be more disturbing. Our Silyl Modified Polymer, called ISR 70-03, is recommended for bonding the foam into the tyre and then improve passenger comfort.


What are the important features of adhesives used to stick foam into tyres?

Adhesives must provide rubber adhesion, and good mechanical anchorage in the foam. The aim is to have a long-lasting hold over all temperature ranges. Indeed, tyres can actually reach high or extremely cold temperatures. The third important aspect is that the adhesive must be impact resistant as the tyres may be subjected to various shocks.


What are SMP adhesives?

SMP adhesives are easy to use and environmentally friendly. They have a wide range of applications. SMP is also primerless on most substrates. Excellent mechanical anchorage in foams, impact resistance, easy workability, low VOCs, temperature and moisture resistant make SMP adhesives a smart choice for tyre foam.

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