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As much energy and expense is going into the design of these outdoor living areas as is spent on their interior counterparts, so it pays to keep them looking as good as new.

Outdoor living

Thankfully, repairing, refurbishing and protecting driveways, paths and patios can be tackled in next to no time with Bostik’s range of landscaping and surface treatment products.

From cleaners specially formulated to remove stubborn stains, lime-scale and engrained dirt, through to resins that will seal paving to prevent future weed growth and efflorescence – Bostik has the solution to keep the outside of the home looking polished all year round.

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Bostik Cementone Wide Jointing Compound (Grey).png
Bostik Cementone Wide Jointing Compound (Grey).png
Cementone Wide Jointing Compound
  • Product

Bostik Wide Jointing Compound for paths & patios is a blend of polymers and sand that bind together on contact with air, providing an ...

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Bostik ACADEMY is a knowledge center carefully created for professionals in the construction market.

At Bostik ACADEMY you will experience a tailored training program that is perfectly matched to your needs.

Our highly skilled Technical Team will present our product portfolio, best application methods, and key industry recommendations. In addition, we are also able to offer tailored dedicated trainings to you and your team.

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