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Carpet adhesives for commercial flooring projects

Bostik offers a range of adhesive solutions for the installation of carpet, carpet tiles and underlay, which has been developed specifically for use in commercial flooring environments.

The range includes specially formulated technologies to provide extra grab, helping to combat carpet curl on larger projects.

In addition to carpet adhesives, we offer carpet tile tackifiers that are designed to provide a permanently tacky film when dry. This facilitates the removal and replacement of carpet tiles without the application of further adhesive.

Suitable for bonding many different backings and substrates, many of our carpet adhesives and tackifiers can also be used with under floor heating systems.

Discover the Bostik Academybostik-academy-logo_640x480-2.png

Bostik ACADEMY is a knowledge center carefully created for professionals in the construction market.

At Bostik ACADEMY you will experience a tailored training program that is perfectly matched to your needs.

Our highly skilled Technical Team will present our product portfolio, best application methods, and key industry recommendations. In addition, we are also able to offer tailored dedicated trainings to you and your team.

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