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Smart hot melt sealants for insulating glass sealant

A suitable sealant can address these pain points. Based on hot melt butyl technology, our IG sealants provide: 

  • Improved overall sustainability due to low VOCs and reduced waste  
  • Extended product durability due to excellent barrier performance, slum resistance after application and low thermal conductivity 
  • Increased productivity due to automation opportunities and reduced production steps 
  • Increased design options due to compatibility with complex shapes  
  • Enhanced end-user comfort with strong thermal insulation 
  • Heightened operator safety due to low argon gas permeation, low moisture vapor transmission rates and no hazardous substances 

Featured product: Bostik 6000

Featured product: Bostik 5000

Frequently Asked Questions about Insulating Glass Sealants


What is an insulating glass unit and what are its benefits?

An Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) is an assembly consisting of (at least) two panes of glass, separated with a spacer bar and sealed in its outer perimeter to limit the penetration of moisture into the cavity and improve noble gas retention (if used). High-performance thermal insulated glass enhances the energy efficiency of windows by significantly reducing heat loss.


How are Insulating Glass Units produced?

Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) are produced using manual or automated/robotic processing lines.
The spacer is positioned between the two panes of glass (using a PIB butyl primary sealant in case of rigid hollow spacer bars which have previously been filled with desiccant to absorb the remaining moisture trapped in the cavity), and the outer edge is then sealed with a secondary sealant.
In some cases, Argon gas is used to fill the insulated glass cavity before it is sealed to improve the IGU's thermal insulation performance further.


Why choose Bostik hotmelt IG sealants?

Bostik hotmelt IG sealants are: 

  • Fast: easy to use (no purging/no waste), and instant seal (no curing)
  • Adaptative: manual or automatic application, works with all spacer technologies and windows shapes
  • Durable: best moisture barrier and best gas retention, slump resistance after application
  • Efficient: best thermal insulation properties
  • Safe to use: no mixing/no chemical reaction


What are the safety advantages of Bostik's butyl IG sealant?

Safety expectations are taken into account at Bostik. We take great care to develop durable adhesives that comply with regulations, with safer materials, and at home. Bostik adhesives are odorless (vs. polysulfides) and don't contain hazardous substances such as isocyanates, heavy metals, or plasticizers. 

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