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The new facility features a sleek, modern lecture theatre for theoretical training, which can then be put into practice in a separate room that includes custom-built features such as flooring bays, plus the technology and equipment for various practical demonstrations.

The Bostik Academy offers a mix of blended learning, interactive seminars and the ability to host live streaming webinars, ensuring there is provision for a wide range of training. A separate online platform enables attendees to consolidate their learning after the training sessions. This means that as well as on-the-day training, trainees will benefit from an ongoing experience with user-friendly resources.

The company’s technical team already has experience of delivering training both on and off Bostik’s premises, but the new facility will improve the opportunities for trainees to benefit from the team’s expertise. Bostik’s experienced team will help trainees build on their existing skills, ensuring they can continue to thrive long-term within their industry.

“We know that the ideal training varies for different teams depending on their needs, which is why we’ve designed the Bostik Academy to be able to provide a mixture of different types of training. We want people to strengthen their skills and leave us with improved confidence in their abilities. The right training is therefore a valuable investment for contractors and distributors, and will give them an important advantage in an increasingly competitive market,” comments Darren Robinson, National Technical Manager at Bostik.

“We’ve assembled a wonderful, knowledgeable training team here at Bostik. We’re now all excited to be opening the doors of this modern facility and enabling people to get some practical experience of using our latest products.”

For more information or to enquire about the training available at the Bostik Academy, contact our experts here.

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