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EPS 74/1 Modular System

Herberts-EPS 74/1 is a modular “high solid” adhesive system which can be used with various hardeners.
Product overview
EPS 74/1, when combined with PURBINDER C1 is an "all-round" adhesive system with fast PAA decay for all film/film and film/aluminum laminates. In general, films can be printed, unprinted or metallized. Hardener 7711 provides a better compatibility with slip agents. Hardener KS 4080 (aliphatic) has to be preferred when non-yellowing or Primary Aromatic Amines (PAA) free system is requested.
Geographic availability
  • Worldwide

Smart Advantages

Excellent PAA decay: comply with strict government regulations
All round adhesive: increase design opportunities
Good product resistance for aluminum laminates: improve performance and durability