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PO102 is a polyolefin web adhesive used in automotive for carpeting.
Product overview
Bostik PO102 is a hot melt adhesive produced in non-woven form. Made in a fine filament pattern, PO102 offers uniform adhesive coverage. Produced in roll form, this web is suitable for both intermittent and continuous processes.
PO102 has a soft hand feel and good elongation but has more durability than some lower melt PO webs.

This adhesive has good adhesion to polyethylene nonwovens and contoured polyester fabrics. The moderate melt and fast setting characteristics of the PO102 make it ideally suited for temperature sensitive substrates. Potential applications of this web adhesive include footwear laminates, apparel laminates, filter assembly and foam-to-fabric bonding.
Geographic availability
  • Europe

Smart Advantages

Moderate heat activation temperature: reduce environmental impact.
Soft hand feel: enhance comfort.
Short open time: improve process efficiency.