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Smart adhesives for foam and mattress

Designed to help manufacturers meet their goals, our innovative foam and mattress adhesives, based on hot melt adhesive technology, offer:

  • Improve versatility with excellent adhesion to dissimilar substrates 
  • Enhance sustainability with polyester and metal composition
  • Strengthen durability with high grab on foams and textiles
  • Heighten efficiencies with high open time and low setting time

Featured Product: XT 19067/1

Featured Product: Vitel 4361B

Frequently Asked Questions about Foam and Mattress Adhesives


Which qualities should a mattress adhesive possess?

· Durable: Mattresses are designed to withstand up to 10 years of wear and tear. Their adhesives must be durable and maintain performance even after extended use.

· Safe: It’s a good idea to use adhesives that are safe for both the workers and the environment, containing little to no VOCs and reducing the waste production.

· Fast: To help meet increased mattress output demands, adhesives that aid in operational efficiencies and streamline production save manufacturers time and money.

· Soft: When substrates are bonded, the adhesives should not be felt through the material and instead maintain the mattress’ consistent, soft quality.

· Flexible: Besides bonding to various substrates, mattress adhesives mustn’t make any “popping” noises when flexed or placed under stress.


What are Polyolefin adhesives?

Polyolefin hot melt adhesives are widely used for mattress assembly applications. Bostik’s polyolefin adhesives are 100% solid, thermoplastic adhesives solid at room temperature, liquefy upon heating, and re-solidify upon cooling. They are composed of polymers that can either enable flexibility or cause rigidity depending on the formulation while retaining the ability to re-melt. Additionally, these adhesives have a long shelf life and can form nearly instantaneous bonds due to their fast setup and excellent hot tack.


For which mattress applications can Botik adhesives be used?

Bostik offers environmentally friendly, high-performing hot melt and web adhesives for mattress applications such as textile to foam, textile to textile, and foam to foam bonding. The adhesive XT19067/1, recommended by Bostik experts, is ideal for assembling mattress construction (foam-foam, foam-spring). It is very versatile, has a long open tack, excellent initial tack, and excellent initial cohesion. 

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