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Smart adhesives for automotive electronic devices

With Bostik’s automotive interior electronic device adhesives, this is easy. Based on cyanoacrylate, hot melt polyurethane and acrylic technologies, these innovative solutions offer:

  • Fast curing speeds and automation opportunities to streamline production efficiencies
  • Precise application capabilities to improve serviceability and ability to use miniature components
  • High flexibility and soft adhesive to avoid any imperfect illumiation on the screen (Mura effect)
  • Low blooming and multi-substrate bonding to textiles, metals and plastics to enhance aesthetics and design options
  • Vibration and impact resistance to heighten performance
  • Non-solvent-based, low odor and low label formulations to increase sustainability and worker safety 

Featured product: Born2Bond™ Light Lock

Featured product: Born2Bond™ HMPUR

Featured product: Born2Bond™ Ultra

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