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Smart adhesives for soft insulation 

Bostik’s soft insulation adhesives, based on hot melt (HM), HM powder, epoxy-polyester (EPO/PES), pressure sensitive (HMPSA) and silyl-modified polymer (SMP) technologies, are designed to make this easy.

When using a HM or a HM powder for wool and carrier bonding, you can:

  • Improve bonding capabilities with adhesion to a variety of carrier types on existing wool categories  
  • Increase productivity with high initial tack and short set-up time   
  • Increase safety with reduced coating weight needs, fire resistant bonding​ and low calorific value 

When using an EPO/PES for wool binder, you can:

  • Decrease HSE impact by replacing phenolic resins or containing formaldehyde

When using a HMPSA for wool roll closing, you can:

  • Improve bonding performance with excellent UV and heat resistance as well as strong adhesion to PE films and high green strength 

When using a SMP for wool ceiling bonding, you can:

  • Improve worker safety and sustainability with solvent and isocyanates-free solutions  
  • Increase productivity with precise sprayability, strong and immediate grab as well as adhesion across multiple substrates 

Featured product: Thermoresol 460/1

Featured product: 70-07

Frequently Asked Questions about Soft Insulation Adhesives


Are Bostik products compatible with all substrates for soft insulation applications?

Bostik products are applicable without primer for most substrates, and are compatible with dificult substrates (OSB, plywood, concrete, stucco). Depending on specific customer needs, Bostik can test its products on all market substrates.


Do Bostik have flame retardant properties for soft insulation applications?

Yes, Bostik has products with low PCS values that allow the manufacture of finished products for soft insulation applications needing fire retardancy performances. The finished products built with Bostik adhesives are able to meet the most stringent classifications such as EUROCLASS construction standard.


Do Bostik adhesives improve processing for soft insulation applications?

Yes, Bostik develops solutions that reduce the amount of adhesive and the application time to optimize the industrial process technically and financially for soft insulation applications.


Are Bostik adhesives low to no VOC?

The majority of Bostik's products are low to extremely low VOC to ensure the security of the operators. 


Do Bostik have safe solutions (alternative to bitumen)?

Yes, Bostik offers adhesives based with hot melt (HM) technology, either in standard packaging or powder. Water-Based (WBA) technology is a viable and sustainable alternative to bitumen.

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