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Hot melt adhesives for erecting cardboard trays 

The right tray forming adhesive, based on hot melt technology, can address all of these needs, offering:  

  • Reduced risk of adhesive failure through reliable bonding on new, recycled, printed or unprinted cardboard as well as kraft board 
  • Extended packaging shelf life with high and low temperature resistance 
  • Increased packaging sustainability with reduced adhesive consumption 
  • Increased efficiency and lowered costs through fast setting time and clean application 

Our testing facilities can help you find the perfect adhesive match for your substrate. Contact a Bostik representative to set up a sample test today. 


Featured product: Kizen®

Featured product: TEF 266 M

Featured product: TEF 272

Frequently Asked Questions about Tray Forming Adhesives


What is tray forming?

The tray forming, also called tray erecting is the manufacture of trays and cardboard pallets. They are mainly used in the fruit and vegetable market. The adhesives used for this application can be subjected to thermal stresses ranging from hot tray forming or transport temperatures to cold storage temperatures. They can also be subjected to a strong spring effect, which requires an adhesive that is cohesive and strong. Finally, they need to set quickly to ensure high production rates.


Which adhesive technology is suitable for tray forming?

Hot melts adhesives are suitable for tray forming application and allow fast speeds production and quick to use trays. Our Kizen range adhesives are perfectly adapted to tray forming. The last one of our range, the Kizen Heat, will guarantee you an excellent resistance to temperature and will assure you strong and secure pallets.


What is the spring back effect?

During tray production, the board will be subject to size and design constraints. At the end of the forming process, when the tray has been released from the forces of the forming machine, the board may be subject to distortions called spring back effect. This may deform the tray. To avoid this, you need an adhesive that is cohesive and strong. Hot melt adhesives from Bostik's Kizen range are recommended to avoid this effect.


Why is clean application important?

A clean application is important because if the adhesive is not cut properly, every time the nozzle closes, angel hair can be generated. This affects productivity when stopping the lines and performing maintenance. This may also damage the cylinders. The Kizen range of hot melt adhesives helps you avoid these problems.


What is carbonization and how can this be avoided?

A loss of adhesion properties due to thermal degradation and oxidation for automated applications can appears. This leads to overheating and carbonization. This phenomenon is recognizable by a change of adhesive color.

Within the circuits, small particles can be generated. They may obstruct nozzles, filters and interfere with the application. This leads to costs and stops for cleaning nozzles and thermo-fusion equipment. Unforeseen downtimes affect productivity. Kizen Heat adhesive, due to its excellent thermal stability, can help you avoid this.

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