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Smart pressure sensitive adhesives for tyre tread labels 

The right tyre tread label adhesives can meet all these criteria. Our high-tack, Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (HMPSA) enable: 

  • Improved long-term adhesion with good compatibility with treated rubbers on difficult surfaces, including hairy and shaven structures and winter and summer tyres 
  • Heightened durability due to chemical, solvent and temperature resistance 
  • Enhanced label aesthetics with reduced bleeding, easy die cutting and matrix stripping as well as no curling 
  • Optimized costs due to low coat weight versus solvent rubber adhesives 
  • Maximized productivity through fast line speeds for both manual and automated applications

Featured product: TLH 2548 EM

Featured product: TLH 2549 E

Frequently Asked Questions about Tyre Tread Label Adhesives


What are the new regulations regarding tyre labels?

New labelling rules replaced the previous Regulation (EC) No 1222/2009, applicable from 2012, that first introduced the obligation of labelling cars and van tyres. The new rules are extended to cover bus and truck tyres, and introduce options to show if the tyres are suitable for use in severe snow conditions or extreme climatic situations. In specific terms, tyre labels provide a clear and standard classification of tyres performance for rolling resistance, braking on wet surfaces, and external noise. The rolling resistance in a tyre is an indicator of its energy efficiency, which impacts fuel consumption.


Why is labelling so challenging for tyres? 

Tyres present unique labelling challenges for brands and label converters alike, whether creating marketing or product identification labels. A rough, low-energy surface makes specialist labelling technology essential. Missing labels mean lost profits, and a label often has to withstand weighty handling/storage challenges.


How does Bostik develop tyre label adhesives to benefit the entire value chain? 

When developing TLH 2548 EM, Bostik has consulted and worked closely with leading customers across the label value chain and tyre makers. As a result, the needs of all customers involved in the production, converting, printing, and application of labels are addressed.

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