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With Bostik’s leisure marine adhesives and sealants, based on a range of technologies, such as Methyl Methacrylates (MMA), Silyl Modified Polymers (SMP) and Water-Based (WB), this can be even easier. Our solutions offer: 

  • Adhesion to lightweight materials to increase design options  
  • No cracking after long-term ageing to improve durability 
  • Minimal surface preparation needs and SKU reduction opportunities to streamline operations 
  • Low VOC and isocyanate-free to enhance sustainability


Featured product: SIMSON MSR DC Advanced

Featured product: SIMSON MSR CA sskf

Frequently Asked Questions about Leisure Marine Adhesives and Sealants

question-mark-bostik-image.pngWhat are the important criteria to consider when applying adhesives to recreational marine?

  • The compatibility with the various substrates to be bonded. It is important for the adhesive to be compatible with a wide variety of surfaces, such as fiberglass, wood, glass, polycarbonate, carbon fiber and steel.
  • Water resistance, as boating adhesives can be applied below the waterline.
  • Resistance to aggressive environments, impacts, and dirt.
  • The level of flexibility for your application.

question-mark-bostik-image.pngHow can Bostik adhesives protect people's health and the environment?

Bostik’s SMP bonding solutions are solvent, isocyanate and PVC-free, increasing worker safety while reducing environmental impacts. In addition, Bostik adhesives can reduce the weight of leisure marine, and thus improve its energy efficiency. MMA adhesives are ideally suited to the assembly of leisure marine. These adhesives are also impact resistant, an advantage when the sea is rough.

question-mark-bostik-image.pngHow can Bostik and Arkema support innovations?

In a mature market where the life of products is particularly long, it is important to innovate to stimulate demand. Bostik and Arkema integrate new models by improving boat performance such as comfort, sustainability, safety and design. We have a broad portfolio of innovative solutions for leisure marine. In addition to using durable Bostik adhesives to make your boat lighter, here are some examples of Arkema's solutions for leisure marine:


  • For boat hulls, it is possible to use Elium, a 100% recyclable resin that can be reused over and over again without losing its properties.
  • Cockpit glazing can also be recycled using Altuglas ShieldUp Flex, a very light, particularly impact and scratch resistant, flexible acrylic glass.

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