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Looking for a podcast that will keep you up to date on industry news, market trends, and more for disposable hygiene? Bostik’s “Attached to Hygiene” delivers! For decades, we have made it a top priority to connect with our customers, allied suppliers, and other key stakeholders through a variety of mediums. Now, with the help of insightful expert guests, each episode of “Attached to Hygiene” gives you a new way to stay informed and engaged with what’s happening in the industry.

Whatever you thought you knew about disposable hygiene, get ready for the next level of insights and expertise with our all-new podcast! “Attache¬d to Hygiene” launched on May 3rd and will take you on an exciting and informative journey inside this ever-evolving and deeply interesting industry.

“For decades we’ve communicated through face-to-face meetings, emails, web content, videos, and webinars,” says host Jack Hughes. “Given the rising popularity of podcasts, we thought this would be another great opportunity to share information and knowledge specific to the disposable hygiene industry in a way that is both easy to find and digest.”

What to expect from “Attached to Hygiene”

Each engaging episode—roughly 15 to 30 minutes in length but full of deep conversation and catchy nuggets of useful information—features an expert guest with a fresh perspective. They bring valuable knowledge on timely topics such as consumer needs driving market trends, corporate social responsibility and the growing use of digitisation. In a very practical and straight-forward manner, we and our guests give listeners such as article manufacturers ways to better understand the global baby care, feminine hygiene, and adult incontinence markets; increase their success; and reach their business goals.

“We have many subject matter experts within Bostik who I will be interviewing,” Hughes notes. “We’ve also spent the last several decades building relationships with other suppliers and players in the industry. These relationships helped spark ideas for different episodes and outside guests to bring on board.”

A name that will stick with listeners

For many reasons, naming the podcast “Attached to Hygiene” was a natural fit, according to Hughes. “Because Bostik is an adhesives manufacturer, it is very much a play on words,” he explains. “But that’s not all. We are experts attached to the market trends, innovations, and products that are moving the industry forward. And this podcast series is an excellent way for listeners to stay attached to what is going on in disposable hygiene. The name made perfect sense.”

Hughes hopes that with each episode “our listeners walk away having learned something new that can help them in their job and in the industry.” 

Get “Attached to Hygiene” and never miss a single episode when you subscribe now!

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