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On Episode 49, Sharon Vinderine returns to share what the PTPA member network has told her they want from baby diapers and pants, based on the user tests they conduct for diaper brands and producers.

The baby diaper market is dynamic and rife with competition; new products and features appear regularly. Keeping up to date on current and emerging trends isn’t easy, but it can give you the competitive edge you need. Fortunately, podcast guest Sharon Vinderine has valuable insights for the North American market. As CEO and Founder of Parent Tested Parent Approved, she sees some of the newest offerings, even before they hit the shelves. In this episode of ‘Attached to Hygiene’, Sharon and host Jack Hughes discuss the latest trends and her expectations for what comes next for absorbent baby products.


Six top diaper needs

According to Sharon, the features parents look for in today’s diapers are fairly straightforward:

  • Leak protection that meets expectations
  • Improved sustainability
  • How the diaper is attached or closed
  • Comfort for the baby
  • No odour, which for many also means no perfumes
  • Product price relative to features
Sustainability and other baby diaper market trends

The popularity of the cloth diaper is not as strong as it was a few years ago. Consumers want more convenient options that offer improved sustainability at different levels. What’s more, the current generation of parents are willing to pay a bit more for sustainability and natural materials—a change from recent years. Sharon attributes this to lessons learned during the pandemic. COVID, she believes, taught people the value of being more cautious regarding their health and that of their children.
Other leading trends in baby diapers include:

  • Wetness indicators, especially those with reaction times as short as five seconds
  • Brands that offer a subscription model for sales and convenient delivery
  • Adorable prints, including customisable options
  • Products that use no dyes at all
Recommendations to product manufacturers

Sharon sees many good products on the market, which parents appreciate and approve. Even so, expectations continue to evolve. Here are her top three tips for brands and entrepreneurs:

  • Learn what parents think of your product (Naturally, she suggests working with Parent Tested Parent Approved.)
  • Invest now in changes; the time and money spent today will have long-term benefits, and the payoff may be sooner than you think
  • Add product options that meet more stringent preferences. This will benefit both the consumer and your reputation

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Outline of the Episode
  • [01:37] What parents are looking for in baby products
  • [04:06] Shifting views on sustainability
  • [07:50] Current trends in baby diapers
  • [10:20] Predictions for future trends
  • [14:53] Sharon’s advice to manufacturers and brands

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Learn more about Parent Tested Parent Approved by visiting their website.

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