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At Bostik, we believe acting responsibly is—and should be—at the heart of manufacturing practices in the 21st Century. For those producing single-use products like absorbent disposable hygiene articles, the impact is huge. After all, every change is multiplied for every article used.

‘There’s a lot of information out there about corporate social responsibility (CSR). Many websites use buzzwords like sustainability, circular economy, and being “green,”’ points out Paul Andrews, Global Marketing Manager of Bostik Nonwovens. But he questions whether those sites are adequately sharing useful—or actionable—information.

Andrews believes manufacturers need content they can put to good use, wherever they are regarding sustainable development. ‘Not all disposable hygiene producers are at the same place,’ he notes. ‘To some, it may feel extremely daunting. They need to understand they can take it one step at a time.’ That’s why we see value in offering the resources our customers need—when, where, and how they want them—to help expand their knowledge on the topic.

As the adhesive solutions division of Arkema, Bostik takes a holistic approach to CSR. Everything from sourcing our materials to production and delivery is viewed in the light of sustainable development. We’ve learned a great deal along the way. Now we can share that knowledge with others in the disposable hygiene industry, to help them craft their own CSR goals and strategy.

Christophe Morel, Bostik Nonwoven’s Global Marketing Manager for Market Insights and Sustainable Innovation, concurs. ‘Making information accessible is perfectly aligned with our values. One of our Three Pillars of CSR is centred around open dialogue and teamwork. It’s 100% necessary for success.’

An open dialogue: multi-format content on sustainability

The strategy we have created—and continue to expand upon—for CSR includes a multipronged approach. We have defined useful tools to explain it broadly to our customers: Numerous website articles, two whitepapers, several podcasts, eight global webinars, and yes, this blog. Every piece is designed to be accessible and add real value for our customers.

This is nothing new for our disposable hygiene adhesives team. Sharing content and building trust with customers like you is our standard. This unique philosophy and voice—which Andrews describes as ‘customer-oriented and personable’—is designed to better serve industry professionals attached to the world of disposable hygiene. (Read more about it here.) ‘It’s what people have come to expect from Bostik,’ he adds.

And our commitment, ‘Responsibly for Hygiene’ … that’s what you can and should expect, naturally from Bostik. ‘With the helpful content being developed and shared, it all fits under one umbrella,’ notes Andrews. With this in mind, he and his team began brainstorming a name. ‘Sometimes you see something, and you say, “that’s the one,” and “Responsibly for Hygiene” was indeed the one,’ Andrews relates. Morel calls it an ‘AHA! moment.’

Those three words said it all. ‘Additionally, we want people to be able to easily find “Responsibly for Hygiene” resources on and online when they need it.’

What Andrews’ hopes for ‘Responsibly for Hygiene’ is ‘to show people that there are a lot of avenues to consider when defining a CSR strategy and understanding how to create more sustainable products. It has to come in a stepwise approach and in collaboration with the rest of the value chain. We’re here to help you make informed choices that can make a positive impact on your business, the environment, economy, and society right from the start or wherever you are in the process.'

That’s Responsibly for Hygiene. Naturally from Bostik.

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