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Kizen, the next generation of hot melt adhesives for case and carton sealing, gives manufacturers the comfort they deserve.

With Kizen, experience peace-of-mind that the production line will run seamlessly. Its low nozzle clogging, good thermal stability and fast set speeds enable this case and carton seal adhesive to work well on auto-feed systems. Additionally, it reduces the likelihood of pop-opens and other issues that can happen on the line, such as poor flap folding compression or minimal compression hold time. 
Operators can simply set the adhesive and not worry about operational or maintenance issues causing downtime.
  • Free flowing tack-free pellets / Clog resistant on-demand auto-feeding 
  • Excellent thermal stability / Char-free hoses and nozzles
  • Clean cut adhesive / Ultra-precise adhesive dispensing
Yet comfort isn’t all that manufacturers get with Kizen. Offering enhanced performance over current case and carton seal adhesive options, Kizen also works well on difficult substrates and enables SKU consolidation with its broad application capabilities.
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