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As packaging lines look to meet increased demand, avoiding additional costs can be challenging. With proper adhesive selection packaging lines can run faster, eliminate plant complexity, and reduce packaging errors.

Increase Line Speeds

To meet high output demands, production lines must run smoothly and efficiently. Downtime due to pop-opens and equipment maintenance lead to reduced output, slower line speeds and higher production costs. 
The right case and carton sealing adhesive, Kizen®, offers excellent specific adhesion to difficult-to-bond substrates. This enables production lines to run faster with reduced pop-opens and equipment issues. Production costs are reduced as line speeds are increased.

Reduce Complexity

Packaging plants typically need different adhesives for various production lines. This is because many adhesives have specific processing windows or temperature requirements and cannot be used across multiple lines. This processing complexity, leads to higher production costs. 
Kizen is designed to work across many production lines and under various equipment settings. Utilizing the same adhesive across lines reduces supply chain complexity and associated inventory carrying costs. Consolidating SKUs also helps decrease the likelihood of production errors.

Eliminate Pop Opens

As sustainable packaging solutions like highly recycled corrugate become commonplace in the industry, the shortcomings of traditional adhesives result in pop-opens. As corrugates are repeatedly recycled, their fibers become shorter resulting in a more challenging bond. 
In response to material changes, Kizen was designed with broad bonding capabilities. As a result, it creates strong fiber tearing bonds to difficult substrates. This gives plants the ability to choose whichever packaging material options are most cost effective for them.

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