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Smart adhesives for filtration

However, doing so can be challenging without the right filter manufacturing materials, especially adhesives. Fortunately, our adhesives, based on a range of hot melt technologies, are designed for a range of filter assembly applications, such as filter media lamination, pleat separation, seam sealing, low pressure molding, potting and end cap bonding, and can help make it easy. Featured technologies include polyamide and polyolefin filter adhesives.


If using polyamide filtration adhesives, you can: 
  • Manufacture more filters at a faster rate with reduced plant space and complexity when compared to plastisols due to no curing time needed and automated application capabilities 
  • Address specific filtration end-use performance and efficiency needs due to possessing different flexibility and chemical resistance levels and not blocking filter porosity between layers
If using polyolefin filtration adhesives, you can: 
  • Filter out increasingly fine particles and capture odors due to carbon binding properties  
  • Manufacture consistent efficiency levels due to low odor formulations 

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Understanding your adhesive needs in filtration