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Composite Bonding Benefits

Our watershield adhesives balance performance and adhesive usage providing the optimal selection for the specific design of the watershield. They come ready for installation upon dispensing and due to their easy release from liners, are perfect for clean installations. Bostik watershield adhesives are also nonreactive and require no mixing, making them much safer to handle for line workers.

Our HMPSA automotive weatherstrip adhesives are foamable up to 50%, reducing the amount and weight of adhesive consumption while improving consistency. These smart adhesives also have the additional benefits of reducing interior noise and corrosion from standing moisture, while their repositionability characteristics allow for exact placement and less scrap.

Automotive Panel Bonding Adhesive: Applications

Through innovative technologies, material-to-material bonding expertise, and flexibility to form, we create bonds that keep your assembly line moving.

Watershield Donding: Direct Applied and Pre-Applied

The watershield is the thin flexible film layer of EVA film or polyethylene film adhered directly to the door frame. Watershields protect the electrical components of the door from any damage caused by external water sources. Our direct application adhesives are ideal for use in the assembly line, and our pre-applied adhesives are delivered on a liner, making them ideal for repositionable watershield processes.

Weatherstrip Bonding

Automotive weatherstripping is used to protect vehicle interiors from the environment. Weatherstripping needs to be flexible in many aspects, such as the ability to reposition at the point of installation or withstand the extremes of both hot and cold temperatures. The weatherstrip needs an adhesive that is as flexible as the material it’s bonding. 

Automotive Body Panel Adhesive: Technologies

We have products in multiple chemistries suitable for bonding weatherstrips and watershields.

Our key technologies include: 

  • Hot Melt Butyl Adhesives - This adhesive is permanently tacky and will not dry or crack. It offers heat and humidity resistance, excellent adhesion to plastic and metal and does not require a primer for steel or aluminum substrates.
  • Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (HMPSA) - This adhesive can be foamed and has exceptional processability, good low temperature flexibility and high temperature flow resistance.

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