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Based on waterborne and hot melt technology, our temporary film adhesives offer:
  • Versatile bond strength across surface types to increase temporary bond performance
  • Easy and clean removability with no staining or residue to enable proper use of materials after removal
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For permanent film applications, our specialty solution and UV acrylic adhesives possess:
  • High optical quality to improve aesthetics
  • Cold flow resistance to reduce deformation
  • Excellent UV resistance and chemical stability to increase long-term durability
  • Good repositionability with high ultimate adhesion on glass and automotive surfaces to improve usage capabilities
  • Impact resistance to ensure proper application performance criteria
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Why Work with Bostik for Your Film Adhesive Needs?

An industry leader in technical service, Bostik offers:

  • A unique, backward integration structure
  • Ability and willingness to custom formulate adhesives to your specific film needs
  • Market-leading products and technical support across applications
  • Complete range of pressure sensitive adhesive technologies

Our product families for specialty film adhesives include:

  • Flexcryl®
  • Encore®
  • Aroset®

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