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Bostik’s Superior Container Labeling Adhesive Products offer Customers an Innovation Solution for any Packaging need.

Bostik’s superior container labeling adhesive products serve a range of applications in the packaging market. 

From glass, polyolefin and PET bottles to metal containers, Bostik’s container labeling products offer high-speed labeling that won’t slow down production line speeds. 

Ideal for in-line labeling and roll through labeling processes, these container labeling adhesive products have good heat resistance, aggressive tack and excellent, reliable label pick up. 

 An industry standard for their durability and ease-of-use, these container labeling adhesive products use both hot melt and water based technologies for film and paper labels. 

Tailored to meet customers’ specific needs, these quality container labeling adhesive products are the ideal labeling solution in the packaging market. 

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