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Polyurethane, Urethane, and Phenoxy Thermoset Resins for Decorative Laminates

Our embossing resin provides the textured aesthetic to interior airplane panels. This exclusive Bostik application bonds layers of low surface energy materials together, producing a laminate that reduces marking, stains, and other potential surface damage.

Our smart embossing resins can be thermoset or thermoplastic as well as reinforced with fiberglass to further improve durability in use.

With each year that passes, aerospace technology advances. As a result, we partner with our clients to continually develop custom adhesives for use in aerospace construction. If you’d like to ask about an existing product, or work with us to develop custom formulations, contact our technical team directly

Unique Embossing Resins for Aerospace Interiors

We understand that cost, quality and aesthetics are your primary considerations for aircraft interiors, and our range of embossing resins have been specially formulated to meet these challenges. 

Designed to provide the ultimate in handling and positioning characteristics, our adhesives are heat activated and can be tailored according to your application and its requirements. This helps us provide you with the flexibility needed to excel in the all important customer ‘walk through’. 

Embossing Resin Adhesive Options

Film Adhesives

Film adhesives are solvent cast adhesives that form a thin flexible layer, which can be heat activated.

We have over 30 years’ experience designing solvent cast films for aerospace applications. Our products help control consistency in applications from usage variance to repeatable performance characteristics.

We offer the flexibility to meet your design requirements with our thermoplastic or thermoset films, custom flame retardant products and tailored activation temperatures. 

Embossing Resin Adhesive Technologies

Elastic Bonding

Elastic bonding adhesives provide a flexible joint or seal that bonds individual components together, forming a dynamic attachment which allows for expansion and contraction without sacrificing bond integrity. 

Elastic bonds are extremely durable, making them ideal for applications where temperature and humidity challenge traditional solutions.

Fire Retardancy

Fire retardant adhesives inhibit the spread of flame. They aid aerospace occupant safety by reducing fire, smoke and toxic fumes, allowing aerospace passengers a greater span of time should they need to exit a high-danger situation. 

Lightweight Solutions

Our lightweight solutions are essential for modern construction methods. Reducing weight in transportation vehicles translates into fuel savings and a lower overall impact on the environment. 

Our adhesives offer lightweight solutions specifically formulated to decrease weight while maintaining strong, lasting bonds that keep your transportation moving.

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