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Smart agricultural and construction equipment adhesives and sealants

Fortunately, the right agricultural and construction equipment adhesives and sealants for applications such as thread sealing, gasketing, window glazing and general bonding, can help. Based on polyurethane (PU), silyl-modified polymers (SMP), methyl methacrylate adhesives (MMA) and anaerobic technologies, our solutions offer:
  • Easy workability and simplified application requirements to increase production speeds
  • Corrosion, friction, UV and heat resistance to heighten performance and durability
  • Low-density bonding and sealing capabilities on a variety of substrates to enhance design options
  • Solvent-free, low VOC and low CMR chemistries to improve worker safety
  • Recycling compatibility to reduce environmental footprint
  • Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) reduction to upgrade passenger comfort

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