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Access our on-demand webinar to learn how laminating adhesives can enhance your manufacturing.

Are you looking for a sustainable adhesive solution that can be used in diverse, flexible packaging applications? Register to access our on-demand webinar to learn how laminating adhesives can enhance your manufacturing!  
During this webinar, you’ll learn:  

  • When to use specific laminating adhesives 
  • How laminating adhesives can help with package sustainability needs 
  • Bostik’s laminating adhesive portfolio, including key attributes, advantages and applications 

Register for On-Demand Webinar

“Our Bostik team believes it’s important to use adhesive solutions that continue to provide high performance and processing while helping reduce environmental impact” said Jared Steed, Field Technical Service Representative for Bostik’s NA Flexible Packaging. “I’m excited to share how our laminating adhesives make it easy to produce various types of sustainable packaging structures while maintaining production efficiencies and necessary performance levels.” 

Register here to access the on-demand webinar.

Register for On-Demand Webinar

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