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Tim Pione discusses Bostik’s position through Arkema in the pressure sensitive adhesives market and what the company has planned for the future.  

Following the launch of Bostik’s comprehensive portfolio of pressure sensitive adhesives for the tape, label, graphics and specialty films markets, Adhesive & Sealant Industry (ASI) Magazine recently interviewed Tim Pione, Vice President of Advanced Packaging and Converting Adhesives for Bostik adhesive solutions at Arkema, in a Q&A blog post and podcast.

During the discussion, Pione outlined how Bostik has positioned itself as the adhesives solutions division with the most complete and integrated offering of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) on the market, including the following technologies: 


  • UV acrylic PSAs with 100% solid formulation, fast cure speeds and high strength to reduce environmental impact and increase product durability 
  • Specialty solution acrylic PSAs with superior durability and multi-substrate adhesion to extend longevity and enhance design options 
  • Waterborne acrylic PSAs with good mechanical stability and broad chemical flexibility to expand application use 
  • Hot melt PSAs with adhesion to difficult substrates and fast setup times to enhance durability and efficiencies 
  • Moisture cure PSAs can achieve high coat weights in one pass with balanced tack and peel for increased operational efficiencies and heightened versatility 

This PSA offering stems from the recent acquisition of Ashland’s Performance Adhesives business. “Ashland’s Performance Adhesives was the natural fit as we worked to strengthen our market position in PSAs,” Pione said to ASI, “With a strong footprint across the industry, especially in North America, that business had a reputation for market knowledge, application expertise, customer intimacy, and differentiated specialty technology. The deal was integral to bolstering our product line.” 

Learn more about Bostik’s PSA portfolio in the Q&A interview or the podcast. Talk to a Bostik expert about how our pressure sensitive adhesives can benefit manufacturing in the tape, label, graphics or specialty films markets.  

ASI Q&A Interview

ASI Podcast

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