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Bostik, a global leader for industrial, construction and consumer adhesive markets, will exhibit its extensive line of adhesives for assembly applications and present ‘Reactive Hot Melt Polyurethanes for Demanding Applications’ at this year’s Adhesives & Bonding Expo in Novi, MI, June 28-30. 

The Adhesives & Bonding Expo, co-located with Foam Expo, offers complimentary registration and enables manufacturing professionals to attend educational sessions about the latest market trends and technologies while touring a vast exhibit hall of suppliers. In particular, session topics Include supply chain strategies, application development, key regulations and sustainability efforts as well as process optimization and testing techniques.

During the event, Bostik will feature its line of innovative webs, films and hot melts designed to increase efficiencies, improve worker safety, enhance design capabilities and advance sustainability. Bostik's webs and films offer short set-up time and automation opportunities to reduce manufacturing steps. Ideal for bonding, coating and encapsulating applications, our hot melts are solid at room temperature and quickly set upon heat activation to form a strong, durable bond, allowing control over material usage.

Additionally, Bostik will showcase its line of Born2Bond™ high-performance bonding solutions, which address complex assembly bonding needs across markets. In particular, this includes adhesives suitable for structural assemblies and repair needs that offer fast fixture time at room temperature, enabling less downtime. Bostik will also showcase Born2Bond anaerobic adhesives; these non-solvent-based options are designed to create safe solutions for workers with a unitizing bond through threadlocking, pipe sealing, gasketing and retaining compounds.  

Further, on June 28 at 2 p.m. ET, Bostik’s Cyrielle Kolbecher will share ‘Reactive Hot Melt Polyurethanes for Demanding Applications’ as part of the “Leveraging the Role of Adhesives and Foams in Maximizing Electronic Assembly Efficiency” presentation. Audience members will gain insight into the advantages and key criteria for hot melt polyurethanes and how they help improve hot melt end-use performance and temperature resistance. 

“Reactive hot melt polyurethanes can provide even more strength than classic hot melt adhesives. I'm excited to teach visitors about this adhesive technology’s features and how it can help them. Our Bostik team hopes it will introduce a new bonding opportunity to manufacturers looking for fast setting, solvent-free solutions.” 

There’s still time to register for your free pass to this year’s Adhesives and Bonding Expo. Additionally, send your RSVP to attend Bostik’s ‘Reactive Hot Melt Polyurethanes for Demanding Applications’ presentation. Make sure to stop by booth 904 to learn more about Bostik’s range of industrial bonding solutions and how they can improve your manufacturing processes.

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