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Our hot melts are ideal for installing foam insulation, seaming, air barrier, electrical insulation, floor marking and vibration damping tapes, offering:

  • Superior ambient temperature performance to maintain bond strength over time
  • Excellent room temperature adhesion and high tack across surfaces such as PPE to enhance installation flexibility levels
  • Good bonds to low surface energy, cold and moist surfaces to increase adhesion in non-ideal conditions, such as basements
  • High gauge coatings capabilities to improve manufacturing efficiencies

For foam and painters tapes, we recommend our waterborne adhesives.

For painters tapes, they:
  • Release cleanly to mitigate surface marring
  • Adhere to low and high surface energy substrates, such as plastics, glass and sheet rock, to increase design flexibilities
For foam tapes, our adhesives:
  • Offer rapid wet out and aggressive adhesion to support general sealing needs
  • Contain low VOC formulations to improve indoor air quality
  • Possess long-term aging resistance to increase product durability
Overall, for all tapes, our waterborne adhesives:
  • Offer options for removability
  • Possess ideal durability levels for interior applications

When considering house wrap, all-climate, moisture barrier membrane and window assembly, HVAC, mounting and roofing underlayment tapes, our specialty solution and UV acrylics possess:

  • Strong cohesion and adhesion to improve bond performance across substrates, including mounting to different surfaces such as plastic, plastic and tiles
  • Excellent water and UV resistance as well as thermal stability to increase building longevity
  • Varied temperature application performance to meet end-use needs across climates, including sub-zero conditions
  • Required UL rating for HVAC aluminum tapes to increase safety
  • Short and long-term chemical resistance to extend outdoor application and mounting flexibilities
Additionally, our UV adhesives have high-gauge coatings capabilities, enabling you to fully coat in one pass, and increase manufacturing efficiencies.

Why Work with Bostik for Your Building and Construction Tape Adhesive Needs?

An industry leader in technical service, Bostik offers:
  • A unique, backward integration structure
  • Ability and willingness to custom formulate adhesives to your specific tape needs
  • Market-leading products and technical support across applications
Our product families for building and construction tape adhesives include:
  • Thermogrip®
  • Flexcryl®
  • Encor®
  • Aroset®
  • Arocure®
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