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Our hot melt and specialty solution acrylic adhesives offer:

  • Increased patient comfort with breathable, hypoallergenic materials that yield no sensitive concerns or adhesive residue on skin after removal 
  • Improved patient safety with hypogenic formulation as well as compliance with skin irritation (ISO 10993-10:2010), cytotoxicity (ISO 10993-5:2009) and sensitization (ISO 10993-10:2010) regulations 
  • Enhanced skin adhesion to enable long-term wear due to breathability and resistance to surgical and bodily fluids as well as temperature fluctuations 
Why Work with Bostik for Your Medical Tape Adhesive Needs?
An industry leader in technical service, Bostik offers:
  • A unique, backward integration structure
  • Ability and willingness to custom formulate adhesives to your specific tape needs
  • Market-leading products and technical support across applications
Our product families for medical tape adhesives include:
  • Thermogrip®
  • Aroset®
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