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Our hot melt adhesives are ideal for wire harness as well as multi-surface bonding and mounting tape applications, possessing:
  • Adhesion to many substrates, including difficult surfaces like woven, non-woven fabric and lightweight materials, to increase versatility
  • Outstanding temperature resistance to enhance durability and stability
  • Easy unwinding and compliance with industry regulations to heighten workability and flexibility
  • Low VOCs, fogging and odor to improve safety and reduce environmental impact
For sound dampening, foam, interior bonding and trim tapes, our waterborne adhesives enable:
  • Increased bond strength with high tack and adhesion
  • Reduced environmental impact with low VOC formulation
  • Improved general sealing needs with rapid wet out and aggressive adhesion
  • Enhanced product durability with long-term aging resistance
When manufacturing foam, exterior bonding and mounting tapes, consider how our specialty solution acrylic, UV and moisture-cure adhesives offer:
  • Significant water, weather and chemical resistance to improve durability
  • High adhesion and cohesion to increase end-use performance
  • Good anchorage to full variety of foams to provide vibration dampening
  • Low surface energy substrate bonding capabilities, such as to paint, to enhance adhesion
Why Work with Bostik for Your Mobility Tape Adhesive Needs?
An industry leader in technical service, Bostik offers:
  • A unique, backward integration structure
  • Ability and willingness to custom formulate adhesives to your specific tape needs
  • Market-leading products and technical support across applications
Our product families for mobility tape adhesives include:
  • Thermogrip®
  • Flexcryl®
  • Encor®
  • Aroset®
  • Arocure®
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