Brands and countries

Our hot melt adhesives provide efficient and reliable bonding for speciality tapes used for fastening, mounting and sealing.

We work with tape manufactures and converters in the medical, construction and automotive industries to develop adhesives that achieve exacting performance requirements. We also partner with manufacturers in electronics, electrical, aerospace, paper printing, hygiene and white goods.

Our solutions work perfectly across a diverse range of carrier substrates and release liners, offering ease of converting and assembly as well as consistent quality.

As performance properties become ever more demanding, we continue to innovate new technologies to meet the challenges of the speciality tape market.


Medical tape adhesive

We provide adhesives for medical tape applications including surgical drapes, transdermal drug delivery systems and wound care. Here our solutions offer direct skin contact, sterilization and fluid-resistance properties.


Automotive tape adhesive

Bostik adhesives are used for automotive tape applications including the interior and exterior fastening of panels, trims, carpet and badges. Our solutions help reduce vehicle weight, vibration and noise reflection.


Construction tape adhesive

Our construction tape adhesives are used for building applications including joining and sealing and carpet fixing.


Hot melt pressure sensitive technology

HMPSA is our key technology for speciality tape adhesives. Bostik hot melt solutions are solvent-free and exhibit excellent tack, peel and adhesion even on low surface energy materials. They also facilitate more efficient tape manufacturing processes. More on HMPSA