Brands and countries

From transdermal drug delivery systems to the adhesion of surgical drapes, we have a smart adhesive for every medical tape application.

All of our adhesive products are specially formulated to achieve optimal performance with low cost-in-use, while maintaining the highest level of sanitary standards and environmental safety.

Medical tape adhesive: applications

Our speciality medical tape adhesives are used in many applications including surgical drapes, incisive foils and the production of wound care and fixation tapes. They provide excellent resistance to surgical and bodily fluids and are made from hypoallergenic materials to ensure the highest standards of patient comfort.

The sterilization properties in our range of medical tape formulations makes them perfectly suited for all medical environments and direct contact with the skin, as well as many other wound care applications.

Medical tape adhesive: technologies

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (HMPSA)

Our HMPSA technologies are an incredibly unique and versatile bonding solution. With countless formulations designed for applications across the medical industry, Bostik HMPSA products are well suited to specialized conversion processes.

Favored for their high tack and low emissions, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives are ideal if you need a tailored solution to your specific bonding process.