Brands and countries

Our adhesives systems are used all over the world. In manufacturing and assembly of components for industrial and disposable hygiene, in the construction components of new buildings and refurbishments, in the daily life of our customers and end users to tackle everyday repair, assembly and craft projects. 

Disposable Hygiene (Non Woven)

From developing the first adhesive for elastic nappy legs to pioneering stretch adhesives to the first high-performance polyolefin elastic attachment adhesive, our innovations have created evolutionary change within the disposable hygiene industry worldwide. 

Smart adhesive solutions delivered simply, consistently, and personably, wherever you are in the world. Applying our deep understanding of the hygiene market’s needs, we bring the dedicated expertise you need to create, test, and refine products that target consumer satisfaction, meet operational criteria, and ultimately add value to your business. 


Baby care

Feminine care

Adult incontinence


Industrial Assembly

Durable Goods

Our adhesive systems are used in the manufacturing and assembly of components across a diverse range of industrial sectors. From transportation and assembly, to building components & woodworking, we partner with global manufacturing leaders to innovate smarter adhesives.

Aerospace Appliance
Assembly Automotive & general transportation
Building components & wood working Composite lamination & textile
Engineering adhesives Filtration


Advanced Packaging

Our adhesive solutions are applied in many consumer goods.  The platform “Advanced Packaging” is specialized in developing innovative adhesives for modern packaging applications. These innovative solutions reduce cost-in-use, improve sustainability and increase operational efficiencies.  

Bostik’s tape and label adhesive products meet the needs of even the most demanding and challenging applications. By improving manufacturing efficiencies and enhancing brands’ aesthetics, these tape and label adhesive products also meet the needs of our customers. 

Flexible packaging

Paper, board & consumer packaging

Tapes & Labels