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When it comes to consumer testimonials and reviews, you’re unlikely to hear product users say, “I love the surprise each time I buy a new package of adult diapers or pull-on pants. Will they fit well or sag? Will they leak? Every box is exciting!” 
Industry insiders like you know that consumers who live with adult incontinence want a disposable hygiene product that meets their expectations, every time. And they’ll definitely remember when it doesn’t. 
“Since adhesives are our business, we decided to investigate how we could help manufacturers offer more consistent performance,” says Jack Hughes, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Global Nonwovens Business Unit. “An important first step was to survey AI products from four North American manufacturers.” Our goal was to see how well the elastic attachment (EA) adhesives used in each product were performing. After all, EA failure can take many forms, including allowing for leakage and an awkward fit.

Examining the elastic attachment data

The study was designed to compare commercially available AI products and look to see how adhesive performance could be optimised whilst still delivering the desired product performance. To that end, we measured adhesive add-on, compared creep results, and then looked for correlations and possible areas for improvement in performance & consistency. Depending on the disposable garment’s design, elastic strands were used at up to four locations—leg, cuff, waist, and belly. 
As Hughes recalls, “We were interested to see how much performance variation of the EA there was from one brand to another. But perhaps more important was the variation we found from one sample to the next by the same brand.” 
The study’s data also showed that performance didn’t necessarily correlate with add-on. We knew that the add-on-to-creep ratios could reflect different adhesives being used. They could very well be in alignment with product design. 
“But the variation from sample to sample ... that stood out to us,” Hughes explains. This could be caused by clogged nozzles, fluctuating temperatures, and any number of other issues on the production line. In other words, issues that could be identified and addressed.

Product audits help support consumer satisfaction

By identifying and correcting these sources, we can help you provide reliable performance to your disposable hygiene product users every time, from one product and package to the next. That’s why it’s so important to have experts like our team at Bostik to review the results. We can help pinpoint the sources of trouble and identify the steps to minimise issues.
To share what we learned, we compiled all the study’s observations, along with insights from our experts, into “How Product Audits Can Help You Optimise the Use of Adhesives,” which is available for download. 
When it comes to disposable hygiene, your consumer doesn’t want surprises. Product audits can help ensure your product is performing up to expectations. Contact Bostik. We’re here to help.

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