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Why buy from Bostik? 

The short and easy answer is for our innovative adhesive products and technologies. After all, not all bonding technologies are created equal. Neither are suppliers. What sets Bostik apart is what we offer beyond the product. We also have knowledge and expertise in adhesive optimisation training, testing, and market trends—and our goal is to share that with you, our customer.

This approach began nearly 20 years ago with a deep dive into data and market demographics by the market managers in each of Bostik’s regions—North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Our initial aim was to offer customers the adhesives they needed to help them create adult incontinence, baby care, and feminine hygiene products consumers would crave. But there was another, unexpected benefit.

“We wanted to really understand several things. What was the market doing? Where it was going? What did hygiene articles look like? Plus, what were the consumer’s needs, and the pain points of our customers?” says Paul Andrews, Global Marketing Manager for Bostik Nonwovens. “These were all topics we wanted to understand ourselves for our innovation process. And, once we had this information, we were sure our customers would find a similar value in it.”

Bostik started by exploring areas such as odour and softness in disposable hygiene products. 

“We asked ourselves questions such as, ‘How can we support the hygiene producer in bringing softness to the product?’” Andrews explains. “Our customers don’t always have the resources to gather this information, so our research is a benefit to them. In our value proposition we highlight the importance of providing value beyond the product. These types of services prove it.”

As our R&D teams continued to explore the ever-changing world of disposable hygiene, the list of additional offerings beyond the adhesive continued to grow and now includes:

•    Training: Adhesives 101, Odour Overview, Odour Measurement
•    Testing: Product Audits, Odour, and Pad Attachment
•    Trends: Adult Incontinence, Corporate Social Responsibility, Core, Undergarment Fabrics, and the Hygiene Market

“We put the customer at the centre of our business,” says Andrews. “We found we were able to offer a global perspective so that our customers would better know how to bring value to their consumers, wherever they are.” 

Bostik Nonwovens Global Digital Marketing Manager Jack Hughes agrees, noting that Bostik is a leader in this area. “I think the support and expertise we provide is a differentiator for Bostik.” 

The proof is in the response from customers, he points out.

“The feedback is always really positive,” Hughes says. “We get good ratings and reviews, and we often hear from customers that no other supplier has given them anything like this before. They tell us that they learned things about adhesives that help them do their jobs better.”

This process evolved into Bostik’s pursuit to back up customers as they move forward with:

•    Superior quality resulting from dependable and consistent products
•    Smarter operations that keep production lines running efficiently
•    Business agility to shift as market needs continue to change
•    Better profitability that may result in savings for their business and consumers

“Good products sell themselves,” says Hughes. “We want to do more. We share our expertise to support our customers.”

Andrews agrees. “People remember us, and we regularly get requests from co-suppliers. When our customers and suppliers come to us, we are always here to support them.”

And this, he affirms, is “what sets Bostik apart.” 

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