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With this new Charter, the Group reaffirms its desire to draw on the spectrum of Diversity and Inclusion, which underpin Arkema’s HR values, for its recruitment and career management around the world.

A Charter encompassing our values

Our Diversity and Inclusion Charter is based on the five values that inspire our employees around the world: Simplicity, Performance, Empowerment, Solidarity, and Inclusion.

Integrating and valuing the differences across all our talents allows us to    build on a wealth of assets, in particular to:

  • Strengthen well-being at work.
  • Foster innovation and creativity.
  • Develop a business model that creates long-term value.
  • Make our parent company Arkema an ever more successful Group.

Diversity and inclusion represent real wealth for the Group and are a key pillar of its success. They are inseparable from our spirit of openness. This commitment supports our One Arkema joint project. Every one of us has to set an example.

This Charter sets out a common framework for all our employees. It applies to each of us, both globally and locally. To ensure that we can all take ownership of its principles, the Charter sets out our vision of Diversity and Inclusion - in matters of gender, origin, culture, disability, or career path -, as well as our goals in this area, and finally our action plans to achieve these.

Inclusion, one of our five fundamental values

By ensuring fair and equitable treatment, access and opportunities to a diverse population, inclusion encourages employees to be fully engaged in their workplace and respectfully express their varied opinions, thus contributing to our parent company Arkema’s sustainable success.

Our five values

An action plan structured around 4 pillars

To develop greater diversity and promote inclusion, we are putting in place a roadmap around four key pillars:

  • Measurable targets, in particular by aiming to employ 30% of women in senior management and executive positions by 2030, as well as 50% of non-French personnel in this same population. We will also define key performance indicators on inclusion.
  • Solid governance, both Group-wide and regionally, by setting up Diversity and Inclusion Committees at both levels that will set out the Company’s strategy and roll it out locally, with the support of a network of Diversity and Inclusion champions.
  • HR processes that foster diversity and inclusion. This could, for example, take the form of training courses to raise employee awareness of these issues.
  • Promoting an inclusive culture, by way of both internal and external communication campaigns, with testimonials, while also keeping our stakeholders informed of tangible results.