Brands και χώρες

The Bostik Advanced Packaging & Converting (AP&C), Durable Goods (DG) and Hygiene, Paper & Cardboard (HP&C) Technical Center was inaugurated earlier this month, as the Arkema Unit in Araçariguama was celebrating its ten years – a perfect opportunity to celebrate our One Arkema unity and purpose: serving different markets with different technologies and providing one common front to our customers.

Built in record time – just 29 days –, the new Bostik Technical Center will provide new opportunities for the Group.

The Laboratory develops and evaluates the application performance of products from the respective Bostik Business Units. Through the work carried out, the main properties relevant to customers, applications, as well as data and technical reports that support the choice of the most suitable Bostik products to be applied to the materials used by customers are evaluated. In other words, the Laboratory acts in a fundamental way to support technical sales and explore the brand's differentials for the market.

Another performance of the Bostik AP&C, DG and HP&C Technical Center is, periodically, for some businesses, to carry out benchmark analyses, studying how different customers in the market are using Bostik products or even competing products. In this context, opportunities are identified, which provides an excellent decision-making guide for Bostik and material for broad discussion with customers, which is also highly appreciated by the market.

The proximity of the Arkema and Bostik laboratories in Araçariguama will further promote collaboration and exchange among the teams, attitudes that drive innovation.