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The original reusable adhesive
Product overview
Blu Tack® is the original reusable adhesive that provides an ideal alternative to drawing pins and sticky tape, with thousands of uses around the home, office and school environment. It is a permanently plastic, reusable multipurpose adhesive and modelling material that is pliable and non-toxic, making it safe for all the family to mold, stick and play.
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  • India

Smart Advantages

Permanently pliable and reusable
Non-toxic, safe for the whole family
Made in Australia

About Blu Tack®

  • Blu Tack's pliable, reusable nature means it can be used in countless applications. Some of these include holding up posters and photographs, cleaning keyboards and fabric, and holding down desk accessories and phones to surfaces
  • It’s formula is a manufacturing secret, but Blu Tack® it can be described as a synthetic rubber compound without hazardous properties (under normal conditions). It’s non-carcinogenic, non-soluble and is denser than water.
  • Blu Tack® is a non-toxic, non-harmful substance and will not cause any problems if swallowed, only mild discomfort. If any discomfort continues, we recommend seeking medical advice.
  • Tested in accordance to AS/NZS ISO 8124:2012 (Safety of Toys – Part 3: Migration of certain elements)
  • Blu Tack® is proudly made in Australia, since 1971
  • Free from food ingredients such as wheat, gluten, flour, eggs or nut products, and starch derived from corn
  • Available in a 5 colour pack - pink, green, blue, yellow & orange

Recommeded Uses

  • Blu Tack® can be used on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic, as well as painted surfaces and vinyl coated wallpaper.
  • For best performance, surfaces must be clean and dry, and free from grease or loose materials.
  • To store, put Blu Tack into a tightly closed container in a dry, cool, and well ventilated location.