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Smart solutions for electronics assembly

Fortunately, our innovative Born2Bond™ adhesive portfolio is ideal for electronic devices assembly and can make it easy to address the market’s demands. Based on a range of technologies, such as dual-curing (contact and light curing) cyanoacrylate and hot melt polyurethane reactive (HMPUR) solutions, these adhesives offer:

  • Increased production efficiency with rapid and reliable bonding as well as fast curing time
  • Enhanced performance with vibration, impact and chemicals resistance
  • Extended design possibilities with versatility with multi-substrate bonding, waterproof and dustproof capabilities
  • Improved safety and sustainability with low odor, low label and solvent-free formulations

Additionally, as an Arkema company, we offer innovative solutions when using High Performance Polymers in combination with our Born2Bond™ adhesives. 


Featured product: Born2Bond™ Light Lock

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